One Last Hurrah at the Chedi!

About a week before we left the sultanate, we took advantage of the resident summer offer of 85 OR and pampered ourselves.  This last post (for at least a month) will feature some pics from our 2-days at the Chedi. And check back for added comments and details every now and then.  We HIGHLY recommend staying at the Chedi while this incredible offer lasts.

front of cheri

in main lounge

beautiful grounds

shown to our room

view from our room

our spacious room

one side of bathing area

one of many fountains

one of the pools

more of the beautiful grounds

The internet is slow here in the Philippines. More to come!



My Spa Experience at The Chedi

the cheri spa main entrance  During our recent stay at The Chedi, my wife convinced me to give the Spa a try.  I’m glad I listened as it was a great experience.  2 years ago I posted about the opening of the Spa at Chedi (click here to check it out) but this was my first time to experience it for myself.  The pic above is just in front of the reception area.  They sell all kinds of products including soaps, massage oils, lotions and even Chedi bathrobes (16 OR). We picked up a nice bottle of massage oil containing frankincense and rose for 11 OR.  I called up and made an appointment for the “Authentic Balinese Treatment” at a cost of 40 OR.

reception area of the spaOf course you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to book a massage or treatment at the Spa.  Just be sure to show up 10 mins in advance as it’s just good spa etiquette!

massage oils  In a small comfortable waiting area, your therapist will come and ask you how you want your massage (strong, medium or soft) and will then ask you to choose your massage oil from a number of selections.

spa hallway  And then down the hallway to one of the many treatment rooms

preparation room  The first part of the massage occurs in this “preparation room”.  The room is too large to fit in one pic, but there is a large cabinet where you place all your clothes (while the therapist is on the other side of the door waiting for your knock to signal you’re ready) and lock up your belongings to give you an added sense of security.  Once you’re ready and your bathrobe is on, the therapist will start with a very relaxing foot cleaning and scrubbing in the small basin pictured here.  They even give you a nice drink full of antioxidants which is similar to the “Chedi detox” available on the menu at the long pool.  A surprisingly pleasant part of the experience and a great way to start!

treatment room  This is the actual treatment room.  The therapist gave me the option of turning on the heated massage table or leaving it off.  Although it was a very hot day, by the time I got to the treatment room I was cooled off so I decided to go for the heated table.  I’m glad I did because I think it added to the whole experience. The 60 minutes flew right by and it was fantastic! She managed to work out every kink and I felt like a new man.  And because the Chedi employs professionals you don’t have to worry about a therapist asking if you want anything more when you’re done…

spa lounge  Feel free to hang out in the Spa Lounge after your treatment.

total relaxationThey have a great view of the ocean crashing on the beach in the front window and the long pool in front of the lounge chairs to the right.

beach in front of spa lounge

view from spa lounge

long poolThe Spa is a great place to relax and unwind during the killer heat of summer in Oman!  Highly recommended!

Dinner(s) at The Restaurant, The Chedi

restaurant entrance  The Restaurant at The Chedi is a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best fine dining experiences in Muscat, Oman.  I had the pleasure of enjoying the food there on 2 different occasions in the past few weeks.  Here are some pics of the menu and the food that we ordered while there.   appetizers 1 lobster salad  The Lobster Salad was a big hit with everyone at our table. A highly recommended appetizer!        sushi rolls   You can never go wrong with sushi rolls!       pf foie gras  I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t over the moon over the PF Foie Gras.  3/4 loved it!      more appetizers  Other appetizers at the Chedi       fantastic soup  On a blog related “business dinner” a few weeks back I had this soup. Sorry I can’t remember what the name was because the waiter recommended it to me and it was indeed a fantastic choice!     bring on the wine  Of course they don’t serve alcohol over Ramadan, but when the month is over, you might want to check out their wine menu if you find yourself there.  We went with a bottle of “Wrongo Dongo” (love the name!) which was a 20 OR bottle of red wine. Nice selection by our friend!    tiger prawns  This was my choice on our most recent visit to The Chedi: Grilled Tiger Prawns.  This was a truly enjoyable meal!      Arabic Indian grilled jumbo prawns  My wife loved her Grilled Jumbo Prawns. (Almost as much as she loved my Tiger Prawns… 😉 )  The risotto it came with was so good!    contemporary pigeon 2 way  No complaints from our friend about her Pigeon 2 Ways.     khaw soi zai  Our other friend seemed to enjoy his Yellow Chicken Curry quite a bit.    Asiandelicious lamb  One of the best lamb dishes I have ever had in my life. Such succulent meat that it seemed to melt in my mouth! The jasmine rice addition worked well with this dish.    chef at work  One of the many hard-working chefs at the Chedi.  There are something like 5 different cooking stations in the Restaurant.      lemon tart  Mmm-lemon tart!  There are incredible number of desserts to choose from at the Chedi and it might be hard to choose just one as they all look SO good.    yummy desserts more yummy desserts macaroons!  Macaroons at the Chedi-A definite must have for any one with a sweet tooth.

I had two incredible evenings sharing dinner with friends at the Chedi recently and highly recommend dining there.  The prices may seem a bit high for some but you can be sure that what you are getting is of the highest quality.  For reservations, call:   (968) 24 52 44 00 or if you have any general questions about the menu, you can email them at:

Mongolian Barbecue at The Golden Oryx, Ruwi

Image We had heard from several people that the Mongolian Barbecue at The Golden Oryx was very good so we decided to give it a try before leaving the Sultanate.  I’m glad we did. Good and cheap food!    menu cover  This post requires very little explanation as the menu (broken up and presented in this blogpost for you) describes the entire concept, history and ingredients.     mongolian barbecue cooking areaThe Mongolian Storyseating The Mongolian Barbeque is located upstairs in the restaurant in this rather small room.more seats golden oryx dragonThe Conceptsoup 1  The soup is very good! soup 2choose your meat  The food is frozen but still good quality for the very low price.   Ingredientssauces sauces on table before cooking  Before after barbecuing  And After        I really enjoyed our 2 experiences at the Mongolian Barbecue this past week.  The taste reminded me of Go Grill at MGM.   The Offer       rice statues stained glass oryx golden oryx entrance

Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery, North Al Hail

zanzibar restaurant  Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery is one of the best places in Oman to try authentic Zanzibari food.  It’s located in North Hail, exactly one roundabout north of the Wave up the coast.      selecting food  You should go inside and point out which food you’d like to have from behind the glass.  You could also just have a seat and ask one of the waiters to see the menu.  It’s always nice to see what it is you’re ordering.  I tried getting pics of all the different types of food you can order there.  This is mainly a post of pics and I recommend going there to try it out for yourself.  Good, cheap food!like a cafeteria juices snacks yum yum rice and more more yummy stuff specials appetizers grills tastes better than it looks sticky substance all kinds of goodies  another great food cooking soups sandwiches dessert hotdrinks dish 1 dish 2 dish 3 main dishes one of the dessert like dishes  great breadgreat soup  The soup was incredibly good!great company  It’s always so much nicer to go to such local restaurants with Omani friends! 🙂fresh bread and such  Let’s not forget that this Zanzibari restaurant is also a bakery.  As you see here, you can order some products near the door to take home with you.zanzibar sign  I was really impressed with this gem of a spot that is quite famous to the locals but often overlooked by foreigners.   Would you believe that the total bill was only 8.5 rials?!  And we ate LIKE KINGS!  This is a definite “must try” for you foodies out there.  GSM numbers for restaurant: 99201536, 92408212, 98534311zanzibar logo and info