Sultan; the receptionist at CfBT main office, Muscat and Talib; the PRO-Public Relations Officer
                                                                    Some Ibri College colleagues out for dinner at the Ibri Oasis Hotel: Nurida, Barbara, Patrick and Andy.
                                                                          Our driver,Eid, who picks us up to take us to the college at 7:20am each morning.
                         Trish McDermott, the CfBT Project Coordinator, has been in Oman for 16 years!!! She was kind enough to drive me and a colleague to Muscat from Ibri this past Wednesday (which is like Friday back home because the Omani weekend is Thursday and Friday).


2 responses to “CfBT

  1. >What surprise, I just read an article about Trish McDermotts garden with all kinds of wonderful plants in an Omani paper, while I was 14 days in Muscat and returned the day before yesterday.

  2. >Hey, Berthold!Thanks for the comment! I just googled Trish's name and came up with the article you mentioned at Cool stuff!That is pretty neat that you just read about her and then saw her pic on my blog! Hope you had a great time in Muscat! Take care!

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