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Salalah Clock-Tower Roundabout

The beach at Mirbat which is a few hours from Salalah. Mirbat was famous in the 9th century for the breeding and exporting of horses and for its trade in frankincense. With its picturesque bays and inlets, Mirbat is a must see for all visitors.

Salalah – Camels and Spiders

Kings of the road! The camels have the right of way on the roads here, ha!ha!

To me, camels seem to have a funny “balding proud old woman look”. Goofy creatures but yet with a mysterious magnificence to them.

As I went up the hill to get a picture of the camels who were blocking the road, I accidently walked into this spider web. YIKES!

Salalah – Camels & Cows!

The camel was trying to enjoy his lunch (1st photo) when some silly tourist (me!) disturbed him. Here he is CHARGING for the kill. Scary stuff!

Cows and camels are often seen grazing together. For an ignorant Canadian, it seemed funny for me to see cows and camels together!

Wadi Darbat Waterfalls during Monsoon Season

Wadi Darbat Waterfall