Konglish", "Chinglish", "Spanglish"-ARABLISH?!"

My students are as sweet as pie but sometimes it is EXTREMELY difficult to understand what they are trying to say or write due to spelling problems, grammatical errors, incorrect sentence order and a host of other problems when an Arabic speaker with low-level English attempts to write in English. Sometimes their writing is so cute. Other times, I find the writing poetic! Whatever the case may be, I love seeing how my students think and there is no better way than sitting down with a pile of their assignments and trying to decipher what they mean. Here are samples of my FY students writing taken from their “introduction assignments”:

I think many things such as: when finish study? My wife and my children? How found a good job?
Really, I love English language. Because it very important in this time and nobody now not study it. Everywhere and everybody speak it.
The English bad for me, for several causes. First, my history with the English a sad, second, my felt was fidgety of English, Third, my Thoughts were scanties hereof the English.
like my brather and my saster bucase help my evry day. I have seven frends in my colloge. My family have bag house and bag garden in Ibri. And my family have tow cars. I have animals succh as (camel-gaots). I need in future bag family.
Sorry I can’t tell you other dreams, she is secret…
My mother coold Azza she is huos wife. She is very beautiful and sensible women. When my father outsaid the house she is responsible about us. She is very clever, friendly and optimistic.
I like to write to you moth thinghs about me that can help you to know me better. First I am happy to study in Ibri collage. I like to study hear on otherhand I am so far than my family. When I went to my hom I will be so happy. I am so serious about learn English. My best place in the world is my country because it a wonderful place. I like to travel to many forgen country in the furer such as:parise Australia to see the kangro.
My grandmother live in house near house me.
My strengths are am out going, obtimistict and I like to help others. On the other hand my weaknesses are I am always afraid when I meet new people for the first time and I am lazy sometimes and I like joking very much. I sometimes fear when I go to new place. I sometimes hit my small sister.
My father works as soldier in the Army for protecting the dear homeland and my mother is a house lord.
I think when I entred this college I will be stronger in studying English because doctors are forigen and so very good. Also materals of study such as books, exercises and skill labs are very useful and comfortable for students. I think the system of the college helps students to study English hardly.
My ears are a big but My ears are a small.
I am Muslims and I came from Arabic country. It’s my lovely country Oman. So I am Omani girls. I have alot of dreams such us having small blue car, travel to India in one day and have very good job with good slarry. I spend nine years in studing English so it’s along trip.
My expectations about my English class the boys are always noisy and Jangley. But the girls are very quietly and polit. Finally I hope I have a good time and have good marks in this semester with you Mr. Andy.
I’am very happy because I’am study in this college. So, I’am very hope about this college and I think it’s my future. Everybody want to study in this college. For that, I’am very luck for I’am here in Ibri college with my instructor.
I think English is one of the biggest languages after Arabic.
Ingredients in my family are father, mother, 7 brother, 2 sister and grandmother.
My father’s old is 75 years. He has tow car’s. He has a garden in my vellage. My mother is house waif. She is a manage fore my family.
After collage graduate I will be become a great employment in a big company. Also I will be build a small school and teach child Quran.
Every body have hobbies, but my hoppies are different. My first hobby is hit my teacher when I become angry. I like this hoppy because all teacher scared my, but in school not haer in college. Second, I like watching action movies and do what peen in it in my real life. Finally hoppy is being late useally when I go to my class.
English is one of the important language in my country Omanif you want to get a good job with a good salary you must have a bility to speak and write in English.
My expectations of this English class is easly, but sometime is difficulty breast.


8 responses to “Konglish", "Chinglish", "Spanglish"-ARABLISH?!"

  1. >Yes, the message was rather cute and I don’t think he realized that it was starting to sound like a threat when first reading it, ha!ha! As of now, I don’t see me staying past June 28, 2008 but anything is possible…

  2. >This is the new title I will adopt for my self: “House lord”. I like it!

  3. >Hi Lara!Wow! Great to see your comment here! “Houselord Lara”…Hmmm…wonder what Shane would think of that?! ha!ha!

  4. >.. and the ingredients to MY family are …Hilarious stuff, should’ve stayed in Muscat. We’re a little more polished.

  5. >Hey there “ti3gib”!Well, God willing, I will be working in Muscat next year…We’ll see just how “polished” they are in Muscat! :-_)

  6. >This is a very old post which I just came across it by accident !! So I had to comment! What your students wrote was beyond hilarious !!So cute! XDHope they r much better by now!

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