Salalah-LA!LA!LA!, Here we come!

These are scenes from our long ride (over 1000 kms!) from Ibri to Salalah. Marios, Patty, Jonathan and I rented a car for our 6-day adventure down south and Marios did all the driving as he was the only one with a license. (Hopefully mine will be sent soon from Canada…) Some say it is a boring ride but I couldn’t disagree more. There is a real beauty to the whole desert drive and although many co-workers say it’s a kind of trip you would only want to take once in your lifetime, I hope to drive back down again in the future.

3 responses to “Salalah-LA!LA!LA!, Here we come!

  1. >Hey Andrew: Again, the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!I think some great abstracts could be painted or drawn from them.How hot is it there?Shirley

  2. >Hi, Shirley!!!The pictures don’t do the place justice. I wish I could capture the desert beauty better in my photos.Yes, it is hot here but slowly cooling down in the evenings, Thank God! Another month and the weather should be perfect. I pray that all is well with you and the family in Terrace.

  3. >Hey, you gotta travel by the Muscat – Salalah highway at night, the sky is clear and you can see hundreds of stars. Very beautiful indeed.

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