Salalah Vacation

Jeremy is also working for CfBT (Centre for British Teachers). He is working in our Nizwa College. Here he is enjoying a cool evening at the Crowne Plaza during our week long Eid Holiday.

Jeremy and Peter from Nizwa chilling out near the beach.

Frankincense burners are a must buy souvenir for any tourist coming to Salalah. Centuries ago, camel caravans crossed the Arabian peninsula, laden with frankincense, bound for Rome, Persia, and the Far East. Frankincense was used very widely in the ancient world and was prized as highly as gold. To this day, Omanis still use Frankincense widely, burning it on glowing charcoal to fumigate rooms and clothing, and blending it in local perfumes. Frankincense is a resin hardened from the sap of the frankincense tree, a very unprepossessing plant that grows only in southern Oman, parts of Somalia and India.

Jeremy buying some frankincense at one of the local Salalah shops.

This is the Frankincense burner that I bought on my last day in Salalah. I was convinced that this was the one to get due to its “maple leaf like design”. 🙂


2 responses to “Salalah Vacation

  1. >Hi Andrew: I really enjoy all these pics. Everything is so exotic and different! Shirley

  2. Good to hear from you, Shirley! Exotic and different-you said it! I was just talking with a colleague and we both hope that “the novelty never wears off” where we would no longer be fascinated by the camels and exotic things here! Thank God for His wonderful genius and variety in all the things He has created!

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