Daily Archives: November 11, 2007

Ibri’s Livestock Auction

The owners would march their animals by and then interested buyers would haggle over prices

Here’s a video:

And another:

This man was selling traditional swords-I bought the sword he’s holding there for 3RO which is $7.80 (CND).

You can buy just about any grain or nut at the souq.

Animal Market in Ibri, Oman

Ibri Souq

Tour around Ibri Fort & Souq

Mohammed buying some limes from the Ibri Souq for our “Ibri Tour Picnic”

Mrs. Izaruku in front of Ibri Fort

More of Ibri Tour

Mohammed Ghafri

Baxter declaring his love for Kristina, ha!ha!

The Old Quarter of Ibri with houses that are hundreds of years old

As you may notice, these houses were mostly made of clay

One of our new teachers, Rachel, from England.