Ibri’s Livestock Auction

The owners would march their animals by and then interested buyers would haggle over prices

Here’s a video:

And another:

This man was selling traditional swords-I bought the sword he’s holding there for 3RO which is $7.80 (CND).

You can buy just about any grain or nut at the souq.

2 responses to “Ibri’s Livestock Auction

  1. >Andrew: Where do people get food from over there, for themselves and for their livestock. It looks pretty sandy and dry!!! What about water – do they have deep wells or a river around? Do you drink bottled water? Where is the power coming from? Shirley

  2. >There is plenty of food here. Although a large part of the country is desert, there are valleys with dates, figs and farmers grow crops and such. There is plenty of water which is desalinated. Other water comes from underground rivers and deep wells. Yes, I mostly drink bottled water but they SAY that the tap water is safe to drink. I guess a lot of the energy comes from the oil they have. It is strange that they don’t get more into solar energy with all the sun we get here! 🙂 I hope all is well with you, Shirley! Try to keep us updated on your blog. I miss your sketches! 🙂

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