Churches & Bibles in Oman!

Brother Kenneth-elder at OCF

Brother Anil-elder at OCF

My favorite store in Oman-The Christian bookstore at the church compound in Ruwi!


3 responses to “Churches & Bibles in Oman!

  1. >I didn’t know there were Christian Churches in Oman. Everything looks so peaceful and makes me want to visit there sometime! Great!

  2. >Yes, GREAT that there are churches, huh?!Please visit whenever you can. Would be awesome to have you here, brother!!God bless!

  3. Hello
    Good evening brethren
    Regina by name
    From Uganda
    But here in Oman right now
    I wanted to get baptised but I haven’t yet got a chance…am a seventh day Adventist.
    I will be happy and thankful for your reply

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