The strangest sheep you ever did see

Someone looking over my shoulder as I was going through photos on my computer asked me “Is that sheep wearing a jacket or something?” It isn’t but there is something bizarre about the appearance of some of the sheep here…

3 responses to “The strangest sheep you ever did see

  1. >Hi Andrew: I have mentioned it before, I just love these pics. Oman is so exotically different. There is a lot of geometric design in most of what you take pictures of. S

  2. Hi, Shirley!Great to see you have visited! đŸ™‚ The sheep are wild and not well looked for, resulting in matted wool I think! This is exactly what I have heard from others. So nice to hear from you, Shirley, as I know you are such a busy woman with your work at Choices.

  3. >hohohoh, i can guess you are lukey to see that.

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