Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

Shell Collecting at Qurum Beach, Muscat

Omanis searching for beautiful shells on Qurum Beach, Muscat. It’s normally tourists you see shell hunting but it seems like everyone was out picking up shells last weekend.

You never know what you’re going to find on the beach here!

Teenage Omani Girls

I have yet to see such colorful clothing on women in Ibri. (Except when a sudden gush of wind may catch the black gowns of female students to reveal┬átheir sometimes incredibly bright colors hidden undeneath…) It is only in the more liberal capital city of Muscat that such bright colors can be seen.

I have heard that the girls must start covering their hair at around the age of 12 or so.

It’s always a real treat to see Omanis enjoying themselves on the beach, usually in a family barbecue setting.

This Semester’s Schedule

This semester’s schedule rocks! I love how I start the week with a relaxing Saturday with only 1 class of 2 periods at 10 am, then a slight increase to 3 periods on Sunday and finally working up to 4 periods Monday-Wednesday. Praise God for a wonderful timetable! We have just finished our 4th week (out of 15) and so far I love my classes and my students.