Teenage Omani Girls

I have yet to see such colorful clothing on women in Ibri. (Except when a sudden gush of wind may catch the black gowns of female students to reveal their sometimes incredibly bright colors hidden undeneath…) It is only in the more liberal capital city of Muscat that such bright colors can be seen.

I have heard that the girls must start covering their hair at around the age of 12 or so.

It’s always a real treat to see Omanis enjoying themselves on the beach, usually in a family barbecue setting.

7 responses to “Teenage Omani Girls

  1. If you were here about 25 years ago you would have seen many people wearing colourful clouthes. Its a matter of fashion, and Abaya has become more fashionable than ever.

    ‘Must’ start covering, in theory. But in practice its a different story, depending on the region the girl comes from, the family and the girl herself.

  2. Daisy,
    That’s what I’ve heard from several sources. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Nowdays Oman girls are changing to fashion of abaya, but 20 years ago used to very colorful dresses.

  4. Al Harthy,
    Yes, the dresses of the past seem to have been so colorful. I noticed several pics/artwork capturing dresses of the past with such color in the Bait Al Zubair Museum and a few other places.

  5. want to share with omani

  6. i do agree with the girls above depends on the family and the girl.

  7. I grew up in Oman in the 70s, and I saw plenty of colourful clothing. I hope the country isn’t getting too stuffed with silly rich tourists and 1st world ‘help.’

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