Daily Archives: March 15, 2008

The Church in Sohar

Che, John, Bert, Relwen and Janet praising God at OCF in Ruwi before 2 dozen of us drove to Sohar. Every 3 months, the praise team, pastor and elders go to Sohar to minister there. Sohar Church was established by OCF (Oman Christian Fellowship) in Ruwi. The pastor and elders go up EVERY month.

Jimmy, who is one of the worship leaders of OCF, playing it cool. (For any young ladies who are interested, this brother is AVAILABLE! :-)) (2012 update-Not anyone! This man is now married, praise God!)

Sister Nilima Bhore enjoying the food after service.

You’ve heard of “Lawrence of Arabia”…Well, this is “Lawrence of Nigeria”!

Fellowship in Sohar Church

Preaching from 1 Corinthians 12:12-28 on “Being the Body of Christ“.

On behalf of the Ruwi Church, SongBooks (which have the guitar chords as well!) containing 564 Christian songs were handed out to all “workers” of the Sohar Church.

Rachel and her husband, Joe, Abel, Myrna, Vergie and Jimmy enjoying food and fellowship after the service in Sohar Church.

Black Dishdashas

                                                                 Saw this gentleman in Muscat City Centre dressed in a black dishdasha and asked for his photo. It’s very rare to see an Omani man dressed all in black like this. Very friendly chap as are most Omanis (when they are not driving! :-))

Not Just Another Face in the Crowd

                               Bumped into my office-mate, Anis, at Costa’s Coffee in Muscat with his friend (also named Anis!) and their families. One thing that’s nice about Oman is that I’m always running into people I know. This didn’t happen that often in Korea as you can easily get lost in the masses. With a population of “only” 2.8 million here in Oman, it’s harder to do.

People Around Ibri College

Marhoon from Administration. Interesting name…”Marhoon” means “mortgage” in Arabic

Marilyn, who is from New Zealand, has been here at Ibri College about 6 weeks now. She is looking very glamorous here as her shirt just happened to match the paint on the office door!

Mr. Hilal Mohammed Nasser Al Kharousi is one of my new AS (Applied Sciences) students this semester. He always has questions for me as I’m leaving the classroom; a very engaging student!

Mr. Hamadi Dhaou is another of my colleagues in the English Department here at Ibri College. He is from Tunisia, has been teaching at Ibri College for 3 years, has a PhD and speaks 6 languages including Malay and Russian. He is one of my more cheerful colleagues and I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about anyone which is quite refreshing.