Fellowship in Sohar Church

Preaching from 1 Corinthians 12:12-28 on “Being the Body of Christ“.

On behalf of the Ruwi Church, SongBooks (which have the guitar chords as well!) containing 564 Christian songs were handed out to all “workers” of the Sohar Church.

Rachel and her husband, Joe, Abel, Myrna, Vergie and Jimmy enjoying food and fellowship after the service in Sohar Church.


2 responses to “Fellowship in Sohar Church

  1. >Good Day,I would like to know if you have regular service/fellowship in sohar? I will join a company in sohar and I am looking for a church to continue my spiritual walk with God even if Im away in my home church here in the philippines. Please let me know what’s your address and what time you meet for worship service.Thanks,Lhot

  2. >Dear Lhot,Yes, they do have regular service/fellowship in Sohar! The pastor of the PCO (The Protestant Church of Oman) Sohar branch is David Bhakia Raj and he can be reached at 92370601. Just call him for regular worship service times and church address.God bless you as you serve the LORD in Sohar, Oman!

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