People Around Ibri College

Marhoon from Administration. Interesting name…”Marhoon” means “mortgage” in Arabic

Marilyn, who is from New Zealand, has been here at Ibri College about 6 weeks now. She is looking very glamorous here as her shirt just happened to match the paint on the office door!

Mr. Hilal Mohammed Nasser Al Kharousi is one of my new AS (Applied Sciences) students this semester. He always has questions for me as I’m leaving the classroom; a very engaging student!

Mr. Hamadi Dhaou is another of my colleagues in the English Department here at Ibri College. He is from Tunisia, has been teaching at Ibri College for 3 years, has a PhD and speaks 6 languages including Malay and Russian. He is one of my more cheerful colleagues and I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about anyone which is quite refreshing.


4 responses to “People Around Ibri College

  1. >Hi Andy, Nice photos..I enjoyed watching them and reading your comments. I see Ibri college as part of my soul..I used to be one of the teaching staff there..Keep posting,, I am waiting more..

  2. >”Thanks” and “Thanks for visiting”!

  3. >Andy, it’s Katherine.Can he really speak Russian?I mean, is he fluent?Wow…it must be cool to know someone who speaks 6 languages. I wish I could speak at least 3.ㅠㅠ

  4. >Andy, it’s Saad. Mr. Dhaou is my former teacher. I’d like to contact him. I sent you an e-mail. Could you please refer to that email and help me contact Mr. Dhaou?Thank you

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