Che at the Italian restaurant “O Solo Mio” on March 10th, the day I popped the question. Interesting name for a restaurant before asking the Big Question as “Me No Longer Solo”, ha!ha!

Praise God for His perfect timing in bringing Che into my life! Keep us in your prayers as we try to work out when we should get married. We are looking at late June or early July in Ruwi, OCF Church, Muscat for the time being…

10 responses to “OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!!

  1. >hey andy and che!!! congratulations!!! wish we could be there to witness your vow to love each other for eternity… =)God Bless!!!!hey che!!!happiness!!! hehehe-ianmicah

  2. >Congrats!!!Now we know why you needed to leave HGU:-)You guys look good together^^Blessings,Gana&Tim

  3. >Congrats, Brother!Thomas

  4. >Wow! How AWESOME to hear from old buds in Korea!!! Please give my warmest regards to the whole DLE Department (and any other faculty members that might remember be) and feel free to share the news. God bless, guys!

  5. >Andy and Che,Congratulations to you! I’m so happy for you!Blessings, Jeannie from Korea

  6. >Hey, Jeannie!Thanks! Does a guy have to go and get engaged in order to hear from you, ha!ha! God bless, sister!

  7. >Well done Andy! Che, much happiness! I’m passing the good news on to Doug & Mesi in Mekele.joe spellEmail soon

  8. >Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Andy and Che!Congratulation!!!!!So glad to see this post.Sincere. VERY MUCH.Andy, you must the happiest man in the world.She is beautiful.Many blessings!

  9. >By the way, Cat is my nickname. It’s me, Katherine from HGU.

  10. >Thanks, Joe!Yes, please do pass on the great news to all of our common friends in northern Ethiopia!And thanks, Catherine!I was so blessed to hear your words of encouragment…make sure you let all our Pohang friends know so they can rejoice with me! God has been SO good to me!!!

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