An Old Muslim Proverb Regarding the Camel…

                                                                 …declares that “… Allah has one hundred names. And … he has revealed 99 of his names to the sons of men that they may know and worship him. But one name, the one-hundredth name, he has told only to the camel. And, the camel, he is not talking.”

Well, many of us already know the answer to this proverb. The 100th name for God is Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ).


One response to “An Old Muslim Proverb Regarding the Camel…

  1. Editing old posts in order to line up with new margins on the blog and I noticed this old post here that I couldn’t disagree with more. Jesus is obviously NOT just “an additional” name to be given to a god of another religion but is God Himself and obviously quite different from the one worshipped in these parts. Every time their Jesus (called “Issa”) is mentioned in the book over here, it is made clear that “he is not the son of God” (clearly not the biblical and historical Jesus that I know) so obviously Christians and Muslims worship DIFFERENT entities all together. Not meant to disrespect anyone. Just a clear fact that should be noted.

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