Daily Archives: March 25, 2008

A LONG time a coming…

Well, FINALLY!!!
-7 months after losing my original license in Canada
-5 months after getting a car here in Oman
-After going through 2 temporary licenses (one of which was expressed mailed by my sister-in-law at a cost of almost $100)
-After a necessary trip back home to Canada (costing over $1,600) in order to issue a new license (as well as a chance to see family of course!!!)
-After 5 trips to the police station (not including the one in which I was almost put in jail because of an accident I had just hours before my flight back home in January…)
-After many phone calls to the Canadian Consulate in Muscat
-After sending a college driver to the consulate to verify license papers from Canada (which cost 24 RO + 10 RO for the driver)-And after much additional, unnecessary waiting and worrying….TADA!!!

This sucker is valid for 10 YEARS!

This is the head of the Ibri Police station seen signing the final form to make my license valid! (Yes, I did ask him if I could take his photo…and yes, that IS about the closest he gets to smiling… 🙂 )