Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

Congratulations, Patricia!

The newest car at Ibri College belongs to Patricia!!! She got the exact same model as I did (a Diahatsu Terios) except in red.

My Honey’s Birthday!!!

It was so nice to be able to celebrate Che’s birthday with her on Monday evening at a lovely Chinese restaurant called “ChinaTown” in Qurum, Muscat.

Dairy Queen ice-cream cakes are the best!!! Can you guess why there are THREE candles?

Language is a funny thing…

I’ve been looking through “The Times of Oman” newspaper just about everyday and also checking out www.daveseslcafe.com for a new job beginning sometime in September. (Keep me in your prayers!) I came across this announcement and had a good laugh! It sounds like they are having a special graduation ceremony for students who have FAINTED! (“passed out“) Well, I’ve come to find out that “pass out” is a British military expression which also means to “pass” or “complete” a course. Seeing how this is NOT a military institution, I think they could have used a more appropriate word-choice!