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                                Pretty cool toilet sign at Al Jimi Mall in Al Ain, UAE

For other interesting toilet signs from around the world, check out these websites:

Hospitality, The Omani Way!

Saed saw me and Jonathan walking by and he literally dragged us into his house. With a few commands to someone in the back room, plates of food started to magically appear through the doorway (only a pair of female hands to be seen). He continued to feed us watermelon, bananas, fruit juice and coffee.

These tiny bananas were delicious.

Saed serving us coffee. We are not sure if it was his wife or his Indonesian maid bringing us the food. One of the guide books I bought here mentioned that it is important not to ask too many questions about a man’s wife…sounds like good advice!

Aren’t they adorable?! These are Saed’s 2 daughters: Hala (4) and Ghala (3). Saed hopes to have about 10 children. He said that if he has 10, he would be lucky if 2 of them turned out right.
Ha!ha! (I THINK that was a joke…)

Ghala and her new friend, Jonathan!

Bank or Palace?!

This beautiful building, The Oman International (Headquarters) Bank , located in Khuwair, is quite eye-catching when driving through the city of Muscat. I thought it was a royal palace until I learned it was a bank.

The door looks like it is made entirely of gold. Rumour has it that the top of its columns and the door are plated with gold. That would explain the fence!

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings!!!

All nature sings her song of praise,
She shows her thanks in many ways;
Can I, for all God’s gifts do less
Than sing my hymn of gratefulness? – Michael
“His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven.” (Psalm 148:13)
How foolish to worship the creation, when the Creator is so much greater.

More People God Has Brought Into My Path

This is the shop owner on the 2nd floor of our apartment building. His 2 young daughters are usually running the place. A very kind family.

Ehab from Egypt. He works in the Girls Cafeteria at Ibri College making smoothies and selling corn in a cup. His English is very limited but he always has a pleasant smile for those entering the cafeteria.

Hossein al Maamari. This gentleman is one of the drivers for Ibri College.

Brother Eva from Nigeria. A great friend who I enjoy hanging out with when in Muscat!