With Che for the day!

                            This mural located on the way to The Bustan Palace Hotel contains some of the icons of Muscat.

Che (which rhymes with “day”) as beautiful as ever!

“When you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you know it’s hard.
Everybody wants her, everybody loves her.
Everybody wants to take your baby home…
Everybody tempts her, everybody tells her
She’s the most beautiful woman they know…”
I’ve been thinking about this song from Dr. Hook because there is always someone hitting on my baby! (Now normally I’m not the jealous type…)
This weekend, my honey goes into the Shell station and this is the conversation the guy has with her as I’m waiting in the car (like a chump) getting it filled up…
Filipino clerk: Wow! You’re SO beautiful. Are you a Filipina?
Che: Yes, are you saying that because you are also from the Philippines and supporting your own? ha!ha!
Clerk: No. Come on. I’m sure you have heard “You are SO beautiful many times!”
(Hmm…I might have to give this guy a private visit the next time I’m in Muscat…)

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