Sheesha Pipes: Loved And Yet Stigmatized Against In Oman

An Ibri gentleman enjoying the comforts of a local sheesha cafe.

This sheesha cafe worker is from Egypt. They periodically bring hot coals around to replace the slowly dying embers lying on the tin-foiled tops.

A typical sheesha pipe (also known as the hooka or nargila) which comes with a number of tobacco choices: apple, mint, cherry, strawberry, banana, fruit mix… The water in the main body acts as a natural filter, some which believe make it healthier than smoking and yet others believe that it makes it all the more dangerous.

YES, I am smoking that thing but NO, it doesn’t mean I smoke regularly! The last time I puffed on one of these suckers was in Israel back in 1999, I think.

The sheesha-pipe smoking master extraordinaire, Blair

It’s funny how many people (when you ask them personally) enjoy puffing on a sheesha pipe but yet they realize that people don’t look favorably upon those who admit it. Therefore, they would not like anyone to know that they enjoy it from time to time. (And a few of those people may be relieved to know that their photos with the sheesha pipe are NOT on my blog, ha!ha!)

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