Launching of the OCF Songbook Concert

Rachel, Che and Diza

2 responses to “Launching of the OCF Songbook Concert

  1. >Hi Andy, george kim from hgu here. nice to see your pictures. hgu president kim is visiting abu dabi next week for a seminar, and if you can hop to there, perhaps, you can see him, and he will be delighted to see you too, but i don’t know how far it is from where you are. our chilpo beach prayer was answered and all monks will get their better halves. pls. write to me for details. honorary senior monk

  2. >Hey, Professor Kim!What a pleasant surprise to see your comment here! I would LOVE to see President Kim. Let me know the dates and details and I’ll see if it’s possible. Check your email.My warmest regards to the brethren at HGU!

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