Road Trip! Road Trip!

Another Wednesday evening in Al Ain with the boys…

The border crossing into the UAE but you didn’t see it here as no photography is allowed!

The Kung-Fu Panda looks right at home in the Al Ain mall next to white dishdashas and black abayas!

Jonathan at Trader Vics in Al Ain

Yeah! I couldn’t think of a better way of trying to sell baby seats!!!

They’ve even got their own little amusement park at the Al-Ain MAll.

One response to “Road Trip! Road Trip!

  1. The sign next to this one (with yet another shark gulping back 3 babies!) read something like “Not buckling up front seats can be fatal for kids”. Jonathan thinks they advertise that way for “contrast”. Well, the whole baby-swallowing-display-window certainly caught my eye!! …but if I were a parent, I could NEVER see myself buying a baby seat advertised in such a way.

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