Hospitality, The Omani Way!

Saed saw me and Jonathan walking by and he literally dragged us into his house. With a few commands to someone in the back room, plates of food started to magically appear through the doorway (only a pair of female hands to be seen). He continued to feed us watermelon, bananas, fruit juice and coffee.

These tiny bananas were delicious.

Saed serving us coffee. We are not sure if it was his wife or his Indonesian maid bringing us the food. One of the guide books I bought here mentioned that it is important not to ask too many questions about a man’s wife…sounds like good advice!

Aren’t they adorable?! These are Saed’s 2 daughters: Hala (4) and Ghala (3). Saed hopes to have about 10 children. He said that if he has 10, he would be lucky if 2 of them turned out right.
Ha!ha! (I THINK that was a joke…)

Ghala and her new friend, Jonathan!

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