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Things Officially Coming to a Close at Ibri College

This was from an official ceremony a few weeks back at Al Masarat Hall in Ibri College

Some dates on campus

The semester has ended! Classes are over as are the final exams. Marking of the final exams has also been completed (apart from a few teachers still working on marking year 1 exams this week). For the next 3 weeks, teachers will be coming into their offices but there is no work to do really. Even the cafeterias are closed which make it even harder and more boring sitting around waiting for vacation to officially start…Really looking forward to going home soon!

Official Invitation to the Shemali Household! (May 13th)

Said (14), Abdullah (19 – my student), Ali Salim Hamid Shemali (the father), Hamid (19 – Abdullah’s cousin), Omar (18) and Mohanmed (12).
I had such a wonderful visit and tour of the Al Araqi area of Ibri. My student, Abdullah Shemali, was the host and tour-guide. It was the first time I tried camel. (That’s in EATING it, not RIDING it, ha!ha!) Those of you less daring people, don’t be so disgusted. It was quite delicious!! Camel burgers anyone?! ūüôā

At “the mud house”, near Gabi Fort

Abdullah and his cousin, Hamid, at what they told me is called Gabi Fort

Abdullah РBy far, one of my favorite students at Ibri College. It is students like this that will provide my fondest memories of Ibri!

A make-shift beehive near al Gabri¬†Fort. The Shemali¬†household has more than 100 beehives (boxes) and have made quite¬†a name (and fortune) for themselves selling “Shemali¬†honey” in Ibri. Honey now sells at 25 RO/kg and Abdullah tells me that his family sells more than 500 kgs¬†a year! (Wow! Do the math!) He also told me that there are more than 3 million bees in each box. Can that be right?! In Oman, there are 3,565 registered bee-keepers producing high-quality honey with its distinctive flavour. For more on the bedouin bee, read:
For more on bee-keeping in Oman, read:

I like how the bird stuck around for Abdullah’s photo!

Al Ay’nain & Al Araqi Forts in Ibri

Abdullah and Hamid in front of Al Ay’nain (2 eyes) Fort.

A camel near the Shemali honey-bee farm

An old jail at Al Araqi Fort that was used some 400 years ago

The accused were kept here short-term before seeing the “Wali” (district leader) and long-term if found guilty of breaking the law.

Al Araqi Fort

Lots of reconstruction of forts goes on in Oman. So much so that forts which are said¬†to be¬†300 or 400 years old look like they were built yesterday. This photo shows why…