10 Silly Questions People Ask

One of our students in front of a creative attempt to announce the Design Conference/Exhibition (the 1st of its kind in Ibri College) which took place last week.

I thought this photo was a good match for a funny article I read in “Friday” magazine which comes free in every Friday’s edition of “The Gulf News“. Here are the 10 silly questions people ask:
1) “What are you doing here?”
You’re at the movies and you bump into a friend and this question hits you right away. What do you think I’m doing here? Having my car serviced, of course.
2) “Did I hurt you?”
You’ve just punctured my foot with your rapier-sharp stiletto heel and you feel the need to ask if you inflicted pain? No, dearie, not at all! My foot is always under local anaesthesia. Why don’t you try again?
3) “Am I late?” Asked by the bigwig who walks into an afternoon meeting a good two hours late. You have no choice but to reply, “Of course not, sir! We always start our evening meeting a little in advance.”
4) “Is the pasta in white sauce you serve here good?”
Why do people bother asking the waiter this question? He’s not getting paid to say, “It tastes like boiled white shoelaces but it’s better than any of the other trash we have on the menu.”
5) “Have you grown?” Asked almost reflexively by your distant aunt every time at the yearly family get-together (and you are now almost 20 years old). You can counter it by asking, “Have you put on weight?” That tends to shut her up for the next 20 years.
6) “Is she nice?” Your old schoolmate asks of your fiance after you have announced your engagement. No. She’s a nagging wench. (But) I’m marrying her because I’ve always wanted to blow 20k on a diamond ring.
7) “Were you sleeping?” Enquires a concerned voice on the other end of the phone at 4am. Me? Sleeping? At 4am? Heck, no. I’ve set aside this special time to research the marital traditions of Zulu tribes in Africa.
8) “Have you cut your hair?” Er, no. I tried a new shampoo and it shrank (my hair, not the shampoo).
9) “Is this going to hurt?” You’re at the dentist. He has a two-bit drill in your mouth. Now’s not the time for this question.
10) “Did you manage to find parking?” No, I just left my car in the middle of the road and walked the rest of the way to work because I didn’t want to miss any of your witty banter.
(The article was written by Abdul Rahman Fikhree, Operations manager of Galadari Motor Driving Centre (GMDC), Dubai.)
I think #11 should by the question asked constantly by students at Ibri College the day after they have missed class. “Teacher, did you mark me absent?” I alway answer, “Well, were you absent?” They usually reply, “Yes.” And so I say, “So, yes, I marked you absent. It’s pretty simple really. When you are absent, I mark you absent!”
What other silly questions make YOU cringe?!


6 responses to “10 Silly Questions People Ask

  1. >Haha I used to ask that question as well when I was in school!Btw, amazing blog u’ve got there!(referred to by blue-chi.com)

  2. >Thanks for visiting, Yuseff!I noticed from your profile that you are currently studying law in the UK. Best of luck in your studies and make sure to check in from time to time. HOW COOL to be in touch with an Omani in Britain!!All the best! Salam a lay koom!

  3. >Hi,I compile that column most of the time for Friday magazine and am very happy to note that you enjoyed the section – enough to add it to ur blog and give credits to it…thanks!

  4. >My pleasure, Ruqya.Keep up the great work!

  5. >Hi Andy. How are things with you? I’m glad you’re having great time in Oman, but me miss you here at SIBC. Take good care of yourself.Jack (from Poland)

  6. >Hey, jack!!!WOW! Great to see you here on my blog. What’s new with you, buddy?You’ll have to send me an email (andydbrown@hotmail.com) and let me know what you’re up to!PLEASE give my warmest regards to all the brethren at SIBC!I miss you, too!AWESOME to be back in touch with you!

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