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>More of My Students’ Writing…

>-I hope you will enjoy it because I will take freedom and I will open my heart to share deep secrets with you.
-I have balanced between by making dairy to write my responsibilities daily.
I can’t live without my family like the flower who can’t live without water. I’m ready to give up about anything to spend just a moment with them. I will jump from the mountain if that make them happy.
-In fact, standing in front the computer for a long time is wasting of the time because a lot of gays are chatting until early hours of morning and this make them unorganized and impact on their sleep.
-I am not nervous when my parents based on you, may if die any one from my parents, I will really blame myself and I say, I did not do anything when their are living.
-All the people whom deal with they will be usefulness.
-I have to profiteering every second by doing any thing have a useful consequence in my life.
-Make a good relationship with workers and respect them and do shout at them when they doing something wrong.
My college life usually makes me irresponsible of my social life including family and friends. Actually, the most obvious example is that is while I am typing this essay, my sister exclaiming to help her in the kitchen.
-Finally, have you ever hear about this Arabic wisdom, which says, “the time like sword if you did not cut it, it will cut you”?”
-One there is a well, there is a way.
-I you can’t sleep, you can do some things before such as, read Holly Quran.
-submitted to Ms. Andy (on MANY papers…)
-When my father is absent from home, I will be the father there instead of the original father, from the homework toward my family I help the kids in the school to do their homework by best way and I explain for them the lessons that did not understand and sometimes my father asks me to go to their school instead of him when the manager order that, and some times my mother asks me to bring some foods or fruits and vegetable, and so on, the girls say to me to reach them the university or other places, that can cause problems front of my sleep.
-My God has got me a good health on my body so I respect myself and wish my body to avoid of disease.
-I am lick many students in the college.
-At the least semester, I have to retune this dormitory.
-God gave Mohammed a massage.
And finally, a strange reference to the web-site: www.mattressman.com which has a little mattress character who wiggles his butt in your face!