Henna – The Eastern Art of Hand-Painting

                          My friend, Marilyn, had her hands painted by one of her female students in the dormitory (hostel for you Brits! :-)) It took over an hour!

Another colleague’s hands which were painted by an Omani

This is one the shops where one can get their hands painted. (Women only! :-))
If interested in reading more about the origin of this art, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henna

4 responses to “Henna – The Eastern Art of Hand-Painting

  1. >I want to have my hands done, too! Awesome!

  2. >Yes, and some hands I have seen were even more incredible but I didn’t dare ask for a photo due to the whole cultural no-no of taking a woman’s photo in Oman…

  3. >Hi, i live in oman i'm getting married in 3 weeks where did you go to get the henna done do you what the location is?

  4. >Hi, Dhruv!Sorry I didn't notice this comment sorry. I didn't get the henna done actually as that's for ladies only, ha!ha! Just ask around as you can get in done in many places. So, did you get married?! MANY blessings to you!

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