Abdullah – By far, one of my favorite students at Ibri College. It is students like this that will provide my fondest memories of Ibri!

A make-shift beehive near al Gabri Fort. The Shemali household has more than 100 beehives (boxes) and have made quite a name (and fortune) for themselves selling “Shemali honey” in Ibri. Honey now sells at 25 RO/kg and Abdullah tells me that his family sells more than 500 kgs a year! (Wow! Do the math!) He also told me that there are more than 3 million bees in each box. Can that be right?! In Oman, there are 3,565 registered bee-keepers producing high-quality honey with its distinctive flavour. For more on the bedouin bee, read: http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/198402/the.bedouin.bee.htm
For more on bee-keeping in Oman, read: http://www.omanet.om/english/culture/beekeep.asp?cat=cult&subcat=cult2

I like how the bird stuck around for Abdullah’s photo!

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