Al Ay’nain & Al Araqi Forts in Ibri

Abdullah and Hamid in front of Al Ay’nain (2 eyes) Fort.

A camel near the Shemali honey-bee farm

An old jail at Al Araqi Fort that was used some 400 years ago

The accused were kept here short-term before seeing the “Wali” (district leader) and long-term if found guilty of breaking the law.

Al Araqi Fort

Lots of reconstruction of forts goes on in Oman. So much so that forts which are said to be 300 or 400 years old look like they were built yesterday. This photo shows why…


2 responses to “Al Ay’nain & Al Araqi Forts in Ibri

  1. >Hi Andy, Al Ain-Ain is actually pronounced (and written) more like Al Ay’nain, it is not the word Ain repeated twice, but a completely different word.

  2. >Thanks, blue-chi!I have made the appropriate corrections. Sometimes I totally misunderstand what’s being said and so it’s probably better for me to get people to write down Arabic words like that from now on! 🙂

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