Official Invitation to the Shemali Household! (May 13th)

Said (14), Abdullah (19 – my student), Ali Salim Hamid Shemali (the father), Hamid (19 – Abdullah’s cousin), Omar (18) and Mohanmed (12).
I had such a wonderful visit and tour of the Al Araqi area of Ibri. My student, Abdullah Shemali, was the host and tour-guide. It was the first time I tried camel. (That’s in EATING it, not RIDING it, ha!ha!) Those of you less daring people, don’t be so disgusted. It was quite delicious!! Camel burgers anyone?! 🙂

At “the mud house”, near Gabi Fort

Abdullah and his cousin, Hamid, at what they told me is called Gabi Fort

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