“Helping AIDS”?!

This sign, just over the UAE border, has always bothered me. Should we be “helping” or “supporting” AIDS?! Rather, shouldn’t we be “fighting”, “combatting” or “seeking to eliminate” AIDS?!


3 responses to ““Helping AIDS”?!

  1. >Lol, it is supposed to be ‘Aid’ as in help/rescue. An extra “s” got in there by mistake I think! 😛

  2. >”Supporting Aid” wouldn’t make any sense either. It wouldn’t sound right to the native speaker. “Giving aid”, maybe.I’m pretty sure they are talking about “battling” AIDS here. Anyway, the point is they really should have a native-speaker check such announcements before making giant billboards! ha!ha!

  3. >People with HIV/AIDS need help and support not to be faught and battled with…

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