The Church at Ghala, Muscat

Like Ruwi, this is a church compound. There are several churches: a catholic church (if you look carefully, you can see a big picture of Mary on a building…), an orthodox church, a normal Protestant Church and even a good Christian bookstore.

This is the front of the Ghala Protestant Church where I attended last Friday.

A wonderful bookshop with tapes, CDs, DVDs, bibles, childrens books…whatever you’re looking for.


2 responses to “The Church at Ghala, Muscat

  1. >My husband and I and our two children are moving to Muscat in November. We are looking to get plugged into a church. Do you have any resources? websites? We will also be looking for a villa, compound, townhouse, ect. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. >Hi, Laurel!I didn't notice this message for quite some time! Sorry about that!The best resource for churches in oman is http://www.churchinoman.comHope to meet you and your family in November! MANY blessings!

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