The Elusive Search for the Empty Quarter Desert

NO, this is NOT it. Due to very bad directions given by several sources on the internet (and bad direction following on my part, no doubt), I was not able to find the famous Empty Quarter Desert which is just outside of Ibri. The weather must have been 45 degrees Celsius on this day.

These are some of the scenes I took in driving (incorrectly) on the road towards Salalah.

I’m sure you know what the Arabic reads on the side mirror…

An Omani version of the Sphinx?!

Well, this can captured exactly how I was feeling after my long wild goose chase! Like all the energy, color and life was being sapped out of me….The next day I went out, once again, but this time armed with directions from my colleague, Baxter, and 2 friends to help out (Said and Jonathan). The Empty Quarter Desert was quite an awesome scene and God willing, I’ll share some of that with you tomorrow…

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