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The Voice of C.S. Lewis

I’m hoping to see the 2nd movie in the Chronicles of Narnia series, Prince Caspian, sometime soon. It just came to Oman and the UAE last Thursday. I was checking out youtube files and I found a few rare clips which contained his voice. If you are interested in hearing C.S. Lewis speaking on the subject of prayer, click here. And here is a shorter one on another author’s novels.
I think there’s something fascinating about being able to hear someone’s voice, especially when it is an author you respect and is no longer in this world. Enjoy!

The Village of Wadi Bani Habib on Green Mountain

This charming little village is perched on the wadi (valley) terrace at an altitude of 1900 meters.

Jonathan Lambton and Andy Brown on the hike to Wadi Bani Habib

Those two “ants” at the top are Marilyn and Saed!

Deserted Ancient City on Green Mountain

Disappointed to find out that the village we hiked all the way over to see was deserted!
Is this some cultural game where local boys leave messages spelt out with CRAP?! What does CTAH stand for anyway?! Center for Teaching American History? Community Tourism Assessment Handbook? Churches Together Around Hampton? Compound Tube Anti-Heat? Charters Towers Auction House? Convincing Testimony that Andy’s Hallucinating?! The mysteries that boggle the mind, ha!ha!
Even the poor donkeys can’t handle the heat!
A typical view during the long drive on Green Mountain

“Jabal Himaar”?! Donkey Mountain?!

You can find these signs at many rest-areas on the LONG drive up Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain).

One of the cute little villages on Green Mountain

Donkeys, donkeys, donkeys-everywhere donkeys! Before coming to Jabal Akhdar, I might have seen only 1 or 2 donkeys but there were too many to count on Oman’s 2nd largest mountain. (Not to confuse you-The mountain is called “Green Mountain“-I just think “Donkey Mountain” might be a more appropriate name…)

One of the typical homes the locals live in on Jabal Akhdar (“Jabal” is Arabic for “Mountain“)