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Book Tagged

I’ve been tagged by Blue-Chi to do the following:
-Pick up the nearest book
-Open to page 123
-Locate the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog and in so doing…
-Tag 5 people, and acknowledge who tagged you.
I don’t normally do such “tags” but I love reading and I appreciate the Omani bloggers who visit and comment on my blog from time to time. So, why not?! ūüôā
Now that we have quite a bit of free time before vacation, I bought several books at the Christian bookstore in Muscat on the weekend. The closest book to me happened to be:

Here are the sentences:
…when, lo, a very different form of doctrine started up, not one which led us away from the Christian profession, but one which brought it back to its fountain…to its original purity. Offended by the novelty, I lent an unwilling ear, and at first, I confess, strenuously and passionately resisted…to confess that I had all my life long been in ignorance and error…I at length perceived, as if light had broken in upon me (a very key phrase, in view of what we will see), in what a sty of error I had wallowed, and how much pollution and purity I had thereby contracted.
The section that is a quote from is the one on John Calvin. The back of the book reads (on Calvin), “The majesty of the Gospel so captivated Calvin that he bequeathed to us a legacy of God-entranced preaching that has resonated throughout 500 years of Christian history. Likewise, he opens our eyes to the pure delight of declaring, receiving, and acting upon the Word.”

Seeq Village on Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain)

Marilyn told me that the pomegranate¬†is used as a Christian symbol. I “googled” it and sure enough, I read on-line that “the pomegranate is often used to represent the church because of its many seeds in a single fruit”. It also represents resurrection with the outer shell representing death and the inner seeds representing immortality.

“A farming Nirvana with opulent groves of fruit trees flowering bushes, vines, and wild juniper decorating the slopes of Arabia’s highest region. Peach, Orange, Apricot, Grape and Pomegranates are the rare fruits that flow from the terraced farms in the mountain with villages clinging to the sides overlooking the verdancy.”¬†(from Jabel¬†Akdhar Hotel pamphlet)

Stained Glass Windows at Jebel Al Akhdar Hotel on Green Mountain

Those previous 7 photos were taken of the domed glass window just inside the reception area. This was a great place to stop in at because they provided us with a helpful map of the entire Green Mountain area. It can be VERY confusing without specific directions.
This window is inside the restaurant. They provide¬†a wonderful all-you-can-eat buffet for 5.5 OR. If you’re interested in staying at the hotel, the # is (968)254-29009 or 25429223. The General Manager is Satish¬†Chandrasekar and you can email the hotel at jakhotel@omantel.net.om