5 Steps to Making Friends With a Goat

1) Make lots of friendly goat sounds to draw the goat’s attention. When they look your way, try your best to have your “I’m a friendly human look” stamped upon your face.

2) Try to notice if the goat is genuinely interested in approaching. Some, like this one below, are so skeptical of humans that you can almost see the fear and hesitation in their eyes. These will not come no matter how long you call out to them.
3) Focusing on the goats that seem somewhat receptive, reach out and let them know that you are their friend and mean them no harm. Make sure you make no sudden movements. Doing so could only reinforce what their non-trusting goat friends have told them about humans – causing them to flee for the hills!
4) Now this step is a tricky one. Listen carefully. You must look deep into the approaching goat’s eyes and communicate your desire to be friends using only your eyes. It would be best to stop all goat calls and other foolish noises you made to draw their attention. Think nice, peaceful, happy thoughts and try not to look too freaked out about their rectangular shaped pupils! Remember that they must be just as freaked out by our round pupils! Focus! Again, avoid any quick movements…
5) Now that you have hypnotized your new friend, you will have him eating out of your hand in no time! If he has accepted food from your hand, you will have a new loyal friend bound to stick around till your food runs out, he gets full or something startles him.

Once you have fed them enough food, I’m sure that your new goat friends would even go out on a limb for you!

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