Mountain Graffiti?!

I first noticed these Arabic messages on hills near the main highway back in November when I started driving from Ibri to church in Muscat every Friday. For the longest time, there were only 4 or 5 messages along the whole 260 km ride but I have noticed many more popping up in the past few weeks and there must be close to a dozen now. I assumed that they must be quotes from the quran (something I have been told would never be written on mountains) but have learned that they are almost always the name of the nearby village. Interesting, huh?!

2 responses to “Mountain Graffiti?!

  1. >Not all of them are readable, but one says Maskan, which is a place in Ibri, another says, Thahra (the region), and one says ‘Together We Can Protect the Environment’!

  2. >Thanks for the comment, Blue-Chi.I think the village you mentioned is actually called Miskin which is a village about 20 minutes outside of Ibri on the way to Muscat.The “M”, “S”, “K” and “N” in Arabic look almost exactly the same as in Hebrew which I studied years ago! Vowels are not usually marked, and therefore a word in Arabic or Hebrew (such as “MSKN”) is often only really known in the context.I was surprised to learn that one of the signs reads “Together We Can Protect the Environment”. Fascinating!

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