Daily Archives: June 23, 2008

Jabrin Fort near Nizwa

The main entrance

Jabrin Fort is said to be the best fort in a country famous for them. I wouldn’t know if it’s that impressive as some Omani guy pocked his head out the main entrance door and told us that it was closed (it was only 5:30pm) and to go away. They really do need to post opening and closing hours on such tourist sites!! How annoying to travel all the way to see a place only to be told to go away!

Impressive Yet Relatively Unknown Fort of Ibri

Bahla Fort near Nizwa

“The Curse of the Bahla Jinn”

There is a story of “The Bahla Demon“. Some Omanis believe that there is a “jinn” (spirit? angel? demon? ghost?) which haunts and has cursed the fort in the past. Some say it was built by magic and whenever they try to renovate it, it is said to fall down in other areas. The fort is currently closed for renovations.

A Tour of Bahla Fort

The main feature of Bahla Fort is its 7 mile long (some say 12 miles) walls which were patrolled by sentries night and day. The Fort’s internal staircases and walls were built of mud, coated with gypsum and sarooj (a traditional type of mortar) which are as hard and solid as present-day cement. UNESCO has approved Bahla Fort and Wall for inclusion in its World Heritage List.