“Gershom” – Spiritual Citizen of Heaven, Legal Citizen of Canada but Official Resident of Oman!

                                  My sponsor gave all new teachers this book as a welcoming gift! Sweet! It is filled with lots of great info on living in Oman! The word “resident” in the titlle reminded me of a scene a few years ago:

I had flown back into Canada and was waiting in the Canadian citizens line to pass through immigration. The customs officer said, “You haven’t lived in Canada for several years. Next time, please go to the non-residents of Canada line.” Boy, was I surprised as “non-resident” sounded too much like “non-citizen” to me! Now, I’m a little more comfortable with the idea of being a non-resident of Canada as the truth is, I don’t really fit in anywhere while on this terrestrial ball.
“…he called his name Gershom: for he said, “I have been a stranger in a strange land”. (Exodus 2:22)

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