Today we begin a 6 day holiday from Tuesday to Sunday to celebrate the end of the month of Ramadan. Here is a cute email I received from one of my students:

Hello; My best teacher
I m your student in section XX, My name is XX.
I like you when you teaching me in the class. I want to tell you about EID in me village. In EID we wearing new clothes and shoes.
Also, We going to prey in the mousqe at 6:50. And the women go to cook some food such as: haris, rice and kabisa.
I hope you are very happy to know some information about EID in my village.
with regards.
I don’t plan on going on any long trips or anything during this short break. I’m just going to relax, meet a few close friends, spend more time with Che, do a lot of reading and try to organize things that I have neglected over the past several months. How nice to be on holiday!!!

2 responses to “EID MUBARAK!!!

  1. >Hey Andy,Nice to have u here in Oman. I like ur pictures of Oman, it seems u r good photographer :-)You have been in many places that i havent been there yet.!!I think u need to add more information about Eid in Oman and I can help u on that. We can have a cup of tea ouside one day. Waleed,

  2. >Hi Waleed!Thanks for the compliments!It was great having lunch with you at City Center. Next time I will have to insist on paying! Blessings!

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