ARISE and be counted!

These pictures are from the 24th anniversary celebration of OCF (Oman Christian Fellowship). This event took place on Tuesday, Sept. 30th, 2008 in Ruwi Church Compound from 8 to 10pm.

2 responses to “ARISE and be counted!

  1. >Thanks Andy. Isn’t Oman an Arab country? Why is the writing in English then. Are you sure it’s Oman? Also, that poster looks like it says “arse”. That’s kind of funny.

  2. >Hey, Brandon.Yes, Oman is an Arab country. There are a lot of English signs found in Muscat, the capital city.HA!ha! I told my fiance that someone would eventually comment that the sign (and t-shirts they made!) look like “arse”. It looks like someone standing saying “I’m and arse and am counted as one.” I told here that more thought needs to be put into how such signs look! Thanks for proving me right, ha!ha!

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