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Job 12:22

“He reveals the deep things of darkness
and brings utter darkness into the light.”
Psalm 112:4

Psalm 91:5-6

Psalm 139:11-12

Isaiah 9:2

Psalm 88:12-13
John 8:12

The coastal town of Qurayyat/Quriyat

Quriyat is a pleasant little coastal town about 150 kms from Muscat (on quite a dangerous road).

Many tour books have NOTHING written about Quiriyat and if they do, it’s mostly just directions through the town in order to get to Sur from Muscat.

We won’t mince words here: there isn’t much to see on the island road from Muscat to Sur, but it does provide variety and an alternate return route for your trip down the coast.” (from Oman Off-Road)

In town, the main attractions are the fort (which is just over 150 years old), and a Shareestha tree just outside (which is thought to be older than the fort). There are mangroves, which are a great habitat for marine and birdlife. Just offshore is a small island with a watchtower-which is accessible on foot during low tide.

Talk about gorgeous! (And the sunset aint half bad either! ;-))

Proof that goats will eat anything!

My honey was a big hit in Qurayyat. All the village girls loved the idea of a photo with her as you can see by their faces! I never would have been able to get such a photo by myself as women/children are very reluctant to allow a foreign male to take their photo.

Sunset in the charming town of Quriyat