Daily Archives: October 19, 2008

The Happy/Blessed Future Leaders of Oman!!!

   This morning, as usual, I arrived 10 minutes early to the classroom. Two of my male students were there and one of them opened up the back door (for female students) to look outside. I never noticed before just how close we were to the mosque from our class so I asked the gentlemen if they would like to have their photo taken. The gentleman on the right is “Mubarek” which means “Blessed” or “Happy” in Arabic. My student on the left is “Khalfan” which means “successor” or “leader“…So there you have it- together they are “the happy, blessed future leaders of Oman!!!” Seriously though, it is a real honor to teach such a great group of young people, knowing that many of them will indeed be in chief positions of the government, leading their country forward. Wow! What an extreme privilege!