The sight awaiting you as you enter Muttrah Souq from the direction of the nearby mosque

Talal, the friendly shopkeeper of “Muttrah Heritage“. (Tel-24715414 GSM 96419177)

Talal showing me different Khanjars for sale at his shop. The brown khanjar on the left is made of camel leather and the handle of camel bone. You can buy Omani antiques, khanjars, necklaces, mujmers, coffee pots, silver, copper, brass and framing items.

These are just a few of the many khanjars for sale.

There are many cute perfume bottles for sale as well!
Muttrah Souq is one of my new favorite places for hanging out in Muscat. Such a wonderful feeling to the whole place. The locals seem more accustomed to having foreigners snapping photos which makes it great for photo-taking maniacs like myself! Muttrah Souq! I’ll definitely be back. Oh, yeah!

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