Can you guess…

…what this ancient Omani artifact might be, what it was used for or what it’s made of?!

3 responses to “Can you guess…

  1. >This is a waist ribbon made of sea shells. It was used by sailors and sea men to make a rhythmic sound when they dance on their sea trips.You can see it used by a female Lebanese singer in a song she made for her the *Gulf* audience.Watch the video.(check the clip at 2:50 and 3:20)This “accessory” was only used by men in the gulf – not women.

  2. >LOL its made of shells i think and its used for a omani traditional dance :Pusually a guy has it around his waist and shakes his booty from side to side like beyounce does.

  3. Blue chi hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the video link by the way. Quite a temptress in that video! (I was quite surprised!)The “Bait al Baranda” Museum noted that it was a tambourine made from animals’ hooves but I’m sure there were other versions made of seashells as well, like you mentioned.Thanks for the comments, guys! I might have to try another “Can you guess” post in the future! 🙂

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