The Muscat Intercontinental Hotel

The beautiful interior of the Intercontinental

From the top floor of the hotel

Che doesn’t normally like getting her photo taken but she has been such a good sport letting me take so many photos of her as I told her that it’s at least one way my family and friends can get acquainted with her before we wed! 🙂

Most of the 5 star hotels in Oman are great places to stop in and have a coffee and snack. (and most are reasonably priced as well!) An elderly gentleman even came and played the piano in the lounge while we were there which was an added bonus of course.

Obviously not the best photo of me out there but there are 2 reasons for posting it:
1) In the spirit of “fairness” to Che who asks “Why do you post so many photos of me and almost none of you!?” She insisted on taking this photo and so I should post it to honor her.
and 2) To show people that men also can have “bad hair days”, ha!ha! Seriously though, what’s up with my hair poking up like that?! I guess a 3rd reason for posting it is would be for you to see more of the comfortable atmosphere in the hotel lounge. Cozy place!

Just over the doorway of the coffee shop

2 responses to “The Muscat Intercontinental Hotel

  1. >So nice to see the two of you looking so happy!!We are very happy for you both!When is the big day or have you decided?

  2. >THANKS!Due to complications here in Oman (and in the UAE), we are hoping to be married in the Philippines in January, God willing! So complicated with the paper work and such.

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