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The Village of Mirbat

                                                  Mirbat is about 70 kms from Salalah.
                             A giant coffee-pot with Marbat Castle and mosque in the background                            My honey at Mirbat Castle

Crowne Plaza Resort in Salalah

Sunset outside of Salalah

Oryx You Going to Protect Us or Not?! The Plight of The Arabian Oryx

                                                               This “statue” of an oryx is found by the highway on the road to Salalah. You can check out the website of Oman’s Arabian Oryx Project at: http://www.oryxoman.com/                                                          Oman’s Arabian Oryx Sanctuary is the first site EVER to be deleted from The United Nations World Heritage List. The size of the sanctuary was reduced by 90%!! To read all about it, check out this link: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2007/07/08/omans-oryx-sanctuary-first-site-ever-to-be-deleted-from-the-world-heritage-list/