Our Favorite Restaurant in Muscat – D’Arcy’s Kitchen

Darcys Kitchen placement  This is their placement which I think perfectlycaptures the atmosphere of this lovely restaurant.  In the 2008 Oman Restaurant Awards, Darcy’s Kitchen was voted as one of the three finalists in the category of “cafe” (along with Starbucks and Second Cup). Vinoo and Michael  Pastor Michael Peppin and his wife Vinoo who we had the pleasure of having lunch with on Christmas Day after the 9am PCO church service.  Pastor Peppin has taken over the role of senior pastor at the PCO (The Protestant Church of Oman) since Pastor Ed left.  His sermons are incredible and he doesn’t water the gospel down as so many churches seem to do these days.  Prayers for our pastor would be appreciated!Che at Darcys  The love of my life, Che Freo, in the mall section seating area of Darcy’s.  This was quite a while ago but I thought I’d add it to these “Darcy’s pics”.  :-)  Baxter and Hadeel  We met Baxter, an old friend from Ibri College, and his new friend, Hadeel on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th).  Hadeel is from Syria and her name is quite interesting as it means “the cooing of the pigeons“! How poetic!Patrick and Barbara  Managed to meet some other old friends from Ibri College on Dec. 30th.  Patrick is in Oman for a couple of weeks as he just finished his contract teaching in Afghanistan.  How exciting!  And Barbara is really enjoying her new job and life down in Salalah.  What a joy catching up with old friends!

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